SEO Plan Competitors Overtake

SEO Plan Competitors Overtake


Did you ever wanted to grab the SEO of your competitiors? Why are they ranking so well? What do they have that you don`t have?

The search is over, now you can have all the SEO of ALL your competitors with our Competition SEO plan.

Imagine having all backlinks that your competition have in just 6 weeks.



What will we do to accomplish that?

We will extract all the domains and posts that all your competitors have towards their websites and crawl every single linking domain that links to their websites, for backlinks possibilities

While doing this tedious research process In total we`ll end up crawling over 10 million pages and websites.

From these we`ll analyze and only extract high SEO metrics, dofollow/nofollow mix and possible non-ugc link types.

Thus after 2 weeks of research we`ll accomplish around 5000 unique domains with 50000 backlinks, more or less, depending on the competitors websites that we will find.

You will have your own personal competition links, which you can use multiple runs, for only 150 usd per run.

This ingenious strategy will consist in:

  • 2 weeks of research, while building your competition links database.
  • 4 weeks of natural posting, dripfeed daily competition backlinks, towards the whole structure of your website, using safe anchors methods
  • in addition we`ll mix the competition backlinks with our SEO max Plan, to ensure the perfect mix in backlinks, thus ensuring a steady and natural growth in ranks for you

You will get full reports in around 6 weeks and from there we can analyze the results and strategize further, based on what has been accomplished so far.

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