WordPress SEO Audit and Fix Service

WordPress SEO Audit and Fix Service


Minimize the Google never ending updates by having your website onsite SEO in good standings.

Hire us to fix your site and have your ranks improved organically and naturally



We all know how almost all the G updates target onsite issues, as Google wants the top results to show relevant and in good health websites.

No matter what you are offering or selling, having a poor optimized site, full of bugs and errors, will never help your ranks.

Let us fix your wordpress site errors today and get your ranks reach their full potential


The process:

  • We will run multiple Semrush Audits and fix everything that can be fixed to obtain the best score
  • Look into your search console and fix all the errors
  • Audit the site again after fixes are performed
  • Based on the plan you choose, we`ll also optimize the content for your site and do onsite SEO
  • A linkprofile clean up can be included too, to be sure you remove any risk of G penalty


Preferably would be, that after this onsite fixes are made, to initiate a back up, so you wont lose all the work done so far

As well, start a monthly SEO plan, to take advantage of the great SEO momentum that your site will have


We need up to 2 weeks to finish the plan and send you status report of project completion.

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